Flipkart partners AWPO to onboard Army veterans in workforceNew Delhi: Walmart-owned Flipkart on Thursday said it has collaborated with the Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO) to onboard ex-Army personnel across its value chain. As part of the ‘FlipMarch‘ initiative, Flipkart has partnered with the AWPO to identify and onboard selected candidates in roles across the organisation, it said in a statement.

Selected personnel will be offered customised induction, sensitisation programmes and curated learning programmes to enable a seamless transition and help them learn the nuances of the various corporate job roles, it added.

Flipkart’s hiring of ex-servicemen will help provide opportunities to new career paths and offer more options post serving in the armed forces, it said.

“Flipkart is a socially responsible organization which works towards the development of the society and its stakeholders. We have several ex-members of the Armed forces leading important charters here at Flipkart, and we are delighted to announce FlipMarch to take this initiative ahead,” Flipkart Chief People’s Officer Krishna Raghavan said.

Raghavan added that the loyalty, discipline and risk-taking ability of the members of the armed forces are of great value to Flipkart and will play a crucial role in building a robust organisation.

“This partnership brings together two influential service providers serving the nation – a leading homegrown e-commerce marketplace and another providing opportunities to Indian Army Veterans,” Major General Deepak Sapra, managing director of AWPO, said.

This agreement between Flipkart and AWPO also exemplifies the dedication of both the organisations in leveraging each other’s strengths and providing meaningful opportunities to the army veterans, he added.

According to AWPO, over 50,000 personnel retire every year in the age bracket of 30-40 years who are well trained in multiple aspects of logistics, workforce management and crisis handling, making them an ideal choice for large organisations.

Flipkart currently has numerous ex-Army personnel in its workforce deployed across corporate offices, supply chain operations and security management and play a key role in the day-to-day functioning of the company.

Flipkart has an over 12,000 strong workforce at corporate offices and nearly 1.8 lakh employed in its supply chain.

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