Odds are, your screen time went up dramatically this year. As we spent much more time at home, television became an even bigger source of comfort. And there was a lot of great content to consume, from new releases like the final season of “Schitt’s Creek” and “The Crown“‘s telling of young Princess Diana, to old favorites coming back on streaming platforms (we’re looking at you, “Sister, Sister”), to guilty pleasures (no we can’t wait until “Emily in Paris” season deux!). And even if your day-to-day dressing has consisted of a steady stream of sweats for the past few months, you’ve probably thought about buying a Rowing Blazers black sheep sweater or perhaps an arguably ringarde beret. So, we created some outfits inspired by the TV shows we couldn’t stop watching, talking or thinking about in 2020, to kick off the new year in style. Shop them all, below.

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