MUMBAI: E-commerce, the only sector that has seen continuous growth even during the peak of Covid pandemic, is set to face a new challenge—recruitment frauds, a KPMG report said. The report added that at a time when e-commerce companies are trying to rope in executives for their growing functions and businesses, many individuals could lie about their education qualification or about their chequered past.

“Increase in unemployment and desperation to obtain jobs may lead to submission of fictitious personal and educational qualification documents by candidates hired by marketplaces or organisations to sustain their shortage of manpower due to increased demand. This may led to hiring of incompetent employees or employees with prior involvement in frauds or wrongdoings,” the report said.

The report said that apart from this, the e-commerce companies face at least five other kinds of frauds. This could include fraud in sales and distribution by either the company’s own employees or even its vendors. E-commerce companies could also see frauds in logistics and inventory management, procurement and compliance. The report added that even cyber frauds could increase for the e-commerce sector.

Industry trackers say that the large e-commerce companies were able to keep proper checks and balances before Covid pandemic but now things have changed. This is mainly because for many companies the data is more exposed as executives work from home with limited protection. Apart from that even companies are not being able to monitor the processes of procurement and distribution as they were able to earlier due to disruptions in supply chain among other reasons, say experts.

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